Zebra Dress-Pink
with double hem
Dress Prices:

XXSm- waist size 7- 7 1/2" - 38.00                                            
XSm- waist size 8 - 8 1/2" -   40.00                                                   
Sm- waist size 9 - 9 1/2" -  42.00                                                      
Med- waist size 10 - 10 1/2" - 44.00
MD-LG-med waist w/large length 10-10 1/2" - 46.00                                                 
Lg- waist size  11 - 12 1/2- 48.00                                                      
XLG Waist Size over 13" -  50.00                                   

Additional Added Pricing:

With Double Sleeve Ruffle - Add 3.00

Single Layer Skirt with Double Ruffle - Add 5.00

Double Layer Skirt with Ruffle - Add 6.50
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Items require a minimum 4 week or up to 6 week
delivery time
A PayPal Invoice will be sent to you and all dresses are prepaid
before construction starts.
Dresses are made according to the measurements you provide.
I don't have pre-made dresses.
Scroll down for dress measurements
All orders are prepaid
You can pay by check/money order (Payments must clear before order is shipped).
Credit Card by calling the order in.
Contact Julie at
Juelforyou@aol.com  or call at 407- 951-5740
or use
use the Monkey Measure page linked with this site to place an order with measurements.
You will receive an invoice from PayPal with your total for purchase
Florida residents must pay sales tax.
Pink n Denim &  
Diaper cover
Measurements Needed for Dress Only:
Around Chest:_______ (add 1" to total for comfort ease)
Around Neck:______(add 1" to total for comfort ease)
Back of Neck to waist:______ (add 1" to length for good luck)
Neck to Elbow:______(short sleeves)
Neck to Wrist:_______(long sleeves)
Finished desired length:______
(this measure is how long you actually
want the dress to be)

Diaper Covers:
Around Waist:_____(add 1" to total for comfort ease)
Back Waist to Tail:____
Around Tail:_____
Front Waist to Tail:)_____

Please send measurements as close as you can. No refunds,
returns or exchanges will be granted if no measurements are sent,
or incomplete measurements.
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Daisies on Pink
XXSM 33.50
XSM 35.50
SM 37.50
MD 39.50
MD-LG 41.50
LG 43.50
XLG 45.50
No Sleeve ruffle
and no back bow
All Dresses are MADE TO ORDER and
come with matching diaper cover

Dress Prices have bias tape neckline, back zipper,
sleeve ruffle and back bow
Extras such as  Double Ruffle Sleeves, Double Hem
Ruffle or Double Skirt layer with are priced
accordingly below.
Single Sleeve ruffle. Bodice
ruffle.Back bow
SM 52.00
MD 56.00
MD-LG 58.00
LG 60.00
XLG 64.00
Sew Simply Yours
Julie Staup
Pink n White Check
&  Diaper cover
& Diaper cover
Retro Candy Shop
& Diaper cover
Beach Scene Romper
Yellow with Zebra Trim
Daises on Pink Romper
Pink n White Check