Diaper Covers are worn over a disposable diaper
or Poise pad/panty liner.
Not to be confused with washable diapers.
(not available on infant sizes)

You choose a color or a color scheme with the options menu.

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AGE Group to see what is available.

3 - 10 Weeks

10 - 14 Weeks

3 - 5 Months

6 - 10 Months

10 Months & Over(Adult)

Marmoset & Tamarin ONLY

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5 weeks to 5 months

6 months & over (Adult)

I do not make shorts or onsies for marmosets &
Please state a size or age when making a custom order
custom made items may take up to 4 weeks delivery
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Package 1 - Infant Starter

prints & colors(my choice) in 3 different
3 of 5 week & Under   
3 of 5 to 10 week old
3 of 10 to 14 week old
5 Week Old Marmoset wearing
one of my diaper covers.
Courtesy of Tara Neutlzer
Click on the MONKEY MEASURE page to place your order  or measurements.
Marmosets & Tamarins are the smallest breed of monkey.

Diaper Covers are not ready-made.
Minimum Delivery time is
2 - 3 weeks
Large orders may take up to 4 weeks
(Any Questions, please contact me)
Two Infant Starter Paks to
choose from!
Starter Pak 1
Starter Pak 2

What you will receive is a variety of prints
& colors(my choice) in 2 different sizes.
4 of  5 to 10 week old
5 of 10 to 14 week old
4 of 10-14wk old
5 of 3-5mo old
Infant Starter Pak - 2
Infant Starter Pak: Choose either 5-10wks with 10-14wks OR 10-14wks with 3-5mo State Boy Girl or Unisex Velcro closure only
Infant Starter Packet
Infant Marmoset Starter packet of 9 covers, in 3 sizes. Velcro Closure Only. State Boy - Girl or Unisex
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Julie Staup

Picture is a SAMPLE only,
not necessarily what you will receive.

You can request any colors or prints.
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